The Japan Foundation Endowment Committee - Membership


(currently under review)

Constitution from 1 September 2001

The Chair shall be appointed by the Committee without formal restriction as to the nature of her/his employing institution's involvement in the academic field of Japanese Studies. A Chair shall normally be appointed for a four-year term, renewable annually for up to three further years. No Chair shall serve for more than seven years.
A Chair shall if possible be chosen at such a time as will allow her/him to attend meetings of the Committee for one year before assuming office. An incoming Chair shall be encouraged to attend in this way unless already a member of the Committee or otherwise fully conversant with the Committee's current business and range of activities.

Other members
Regional Members (currently under review)
One member nominated by the British Association for Japanese Studies (1)
Two Elected Members (2)
Elected through a constituency made up of the BAJS membership but not representing BAJS. May come from any UK higher education institution other than those named in the regional groupings above.

Co-opted Members
The Committee shall have the power to co-opt, and the Chair shall have the power to invite, individuals to particular meetings as deemed appropriate for the transaction of business.

Periods of Service
After the initial staggering of rotations, members of the Committee, other than the Chair, to serve for two years, renewable once in the case of elected members and the member nominated by BAJS.

(C) Japan Foundation Endowment Committee 2011-24.